Nanotough is a European framework project that focuses on developing tough plastic materials using nanotechnology. A total of 11 partners from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Romania and Denmark are participating in the project.

The objective of Nanotough is to use nanoparticles like nanoclay to turn upside down the construction of a number of well-known products, where today metals or plastics are used in for example cars or aircraft. The research will look at how the products can be made both lighter and stronger using nano-particles.

Nanocomposites are emerging new materials that promise improved properties, but in practice, it has been difficult to translate existing knowledge on nanotechnology into tangible products. Nanotoughs objective is, in addition to basic research, to remove the technical barriers so that nano-composite-materials can be used commercially.

Professor Jesper de Claville Christiansen at the Department for Production, Aalborg University, has been appointed to head the Nanotough research project.

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